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Partner Programs

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Universal Business Listing provides access to the search sites that consumers are using to find information. As a “dot org” company, we promote the open exchange of data and provide cost-effective services that help business owners manage online identity. Our goals are to improve the overall quality of local information in the online marketplace and to help businesses connect in meaningful ways with consumers.

Have similar goals? Our Partner Programs are designed to integrate smoothly with your existing portfolio of services, bringing you new revenue opportunities and new ways to provide value to your clients.

UBL Services Available to Partners
All of the services we provide directly to the business owner at can also be resold by our partners. Please make sure to review our service offerings, even if you’ve visited our website or heard about UBL before. Whereas UBL was once known primarily for its listing distribution service, we now offer a broad range of identity management services.

Read more about our Agency Program and Affiliate Program and decide which program is right for you.

Working with Partners
Our commitment to you as our partner is that we will not compete with you nor sell your client’s data. We are strictly a provider of services, and a repository of business information created by customers and the agencies that represent them.

A Note on Channel Partners
UBL has strong relationships with a broad range of channel partners. If you would like to learn more, please contact us.