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About Universal Business Listing

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Universal Business Listing, a service of UBL Interactive, Inc., acts as a central collection and distribution service for business information online. The service provides business owners and their representatives with a cost effective one-stop location for broad distribution of complete, accurate, and detailed listings and profiles. We are committed to maintaining strong partnerships with companies in the distribution channel for online business data, and dedicated to playing a role in the improvement of overall data quality on the internet.

Our Team

Doyal Bryant CEO & Co-Founder

Chris Travers President, CRO & Co-Founder

John Patton Operations

Paul Donlan Business Development

Damian Rollison Product

Deborah Jenkins Customer Connections

Tom Wells Technology

Elisa Cattaneo Finance

Our History

2007 - List Once, Be Found

The Universal Business Listing service launched in 2007 with a simple but effective plan to make it easy for businesses to get listed online in the places that matter for local search. The company initially offered a single listing service to small businesses, and gained attention for its ability to help businesses find their way to multiple digital touchpoints, from directory sites to 411 services, all from one central distribution point.

2010 - Expansion of Services

By 2010, many more business owners had become aware of the need to be found across multiple destinations, including social sites, video sites, and mobile devices. The company met this need by expanding its range of services to include faster and more effective distribution methods, richer content, and broader syndication.

2012 - Direct Access and Community Resources

In 2012, the company continued to to develop its range of services, providing businesses with even greater control over their online listings through direct connection to publishers, as well as expanding its reporting and analytics services so that business owners have access to the information they need to grow. Be on the lookout too for additional resources to help small businesses learn more about the local search space.

For information about our company, UBL Interactive, Inc., please visit our corporate site at


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