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UBL Affiliates

You can also read about our reseller program.

Send Customers Our Way and Get Rewarded!

UBL Affiliates

Got a website that appeals to local businesses? Our affiliate program gives you the opportunity to earn revenue by promoting our services — on your website or even via email. It's ideal for companies who help businesses with their internet identities or online marketing, or for any website that serves the business community. We've partnered with ShareASale, one of the largest affiliate networks in the U.S., to bring you an easy-to-use program that gets you up and running quickly and helps you track your success.

Become a UBL affiliate and you can:

  • Promote UBL services on your site
  • Send customers to UBL and let us do the work
  • Get a 20% commission on all sales

Go to our affiliate site to learn more and sign up. Upon approval, you will get an affiliate code, custom links, and a certification badge. Affiliates receive a 20% commission for any purchase that is made via referral from a valid UBL affiliate link.

Please Note: Our affiliate program is designed to help you promote our services directly to the client through links that are assigned to you. Our affiliate software tracks commissions based on unique IP addresses; we assume each sign-up is coming from a different end user. Sign-ups from the same computer are not permitted. If you are managing listings on behalf of your customers, please refer to our reseller program.