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Audit Reporting

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Analyze Your Online Presence

Are you struggling to manage business information in local search results? Do your listings appear in some local directories and search engines but not others? Is your business sometimes listed with the wrong phone number, address, or website?

Our Listing Audit Report analyzes the accuracy and completeness of your business information across multiple websites, arming you with the knowledge you need to fix problems at their source. For businesses with 25 or more locations, this enterprise-grade tool is ideal for identifying problem areas, tracking progress, and measuring your overall presence in local search.

UBL Listing Audit

We provide summary reports for individual business locations, as well as detailed spreadsheets allowing you to view information about many locations at once. We highlight any variations or errors in name, address, phone number, and web address. We also let you know which listings have been claimed or owner verified.

Ensure Business Information Is Accurate

How does incorrect information arrive at the search sites in the first place? Perhaps via a mistyped keystroke or poor character recognition by a scanner or screen reader. Perhaps a franchise has moved and the phone number or physical address has not been updated accordingly. Perhaps franchises have been improperly merged with nearby locations. Or, in a small number of cases, competitors or spammers sometimes maliciously edit other companies' information.

Whatever the cause, an incorrect search result leads to angry customers and missed revenue opportunities. Listing Audit identifies primary business information errors at the major local sites, arming you with the knowledge you need to correct them.

Ensure Business Information Is Consistent

Consistency is nearly as important as accuracy in local search results. Mismatched address information (for instance, unrecognized zip codes or conflicting street addresses) can lead to errors in geocoding and can decrease the confidence of search engine algorithms regarding your physical location. Business titles for certain locations may not meet company branding guidelines. In some cases, websites or web pages listed on a particular search engine may not be the company's highest-converting page for that location.

Appointments Set with Audit Reporting

Perhaps most importantly, consistent business information across a variety of local portals is considered by experts to be one of the most important factors for ranking well in Google and Bing.

A Powerful Tool for Lead Prospecting

Licenses are now available for single location and bulk reporting for partners looking to use the tool as part of their sales or followup process. Because of its clear and detailed reporting of issues with online presence, Listing Audit makes an ideal lead conversion tool, and creates convincing documentation for client budgeting and planning.

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