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Recommended Services

Dominate local search with UBL and these partner services.

  • Mobile marketing

    121 Mobile

    121 Mobile offers a friendly, web-based mobile marketing platform, allowing any business to effectively communicate and market to customers' mobile devices in a relevant and personal way and build loyalty. This solution does not require any previous mobile and marketing know-how, works on any mobile phone, and provides powerful capabilities at an affordable monthly subscription fee.

  • Reputation management

    Nearby Now

    Studies show online reviews are the single most effective way to build consumer trust, and that the best time to ask for a review is immediately after completing the job. Nearby Now lets you ask for it before you leave the driveway! You work hard to provide excellent customer service and build goodwill with your customers. We help you capture that goodwill and leverage it to generate future leads and sales.

    • Request reviews using iPhone, iPad, or Android
    • Get a verified reviews badge for your website
    • Build reviews on Google, Yelp, YP, Angie's List, and more

    Nearby Now is the easiest way for your service business to build its online reputation and get lots of reviews from your happy customers.

  • Mobile marketing

    TXTio provides an easy-to-use solution for businesses to create lists of mobile subscribers and send bulk text messages to subscribed customers' mobile phones. Connect directly with your customers, share timely news and offers, and establish long-lasting relationships — right from your cell phone to theirs.

  • Virtual office


    With Toktumi’s auto attendant you will sound like a Fortune 500 company even if you’re working out of your garage. With the growth of virtual offices, it is common to have employees scattered across the country. With Toktumi you can unify everyone under one company number that is routed to the appropriate person, just as though all employees were in one office. A complete hosted PBX service with unlimited inbound and outbound U.S. and Canada calls.

  • Professional video

    Odyssey Pictures

    Take control of the message you convey to clients and peers through the most effective medium with UBL’s premium video content service, presented in partnership with Odyssey Pictures. With an experienced staff of videographers, an advanced animation department, and a top-of-the-line postproduction facility, Odyssey helps shape your brand and showcase specific products. For multiple location businesses and sales teams, Odyssey creates custom tags to increase local brand identification. High quality video content lets you reach out to your client base with relevant and compelling material.

  • E-commerce


    Make your local store's product inventory available in real-time on mobile apps and location-based services. Shoppers are flocking to smart phones, mobile apps and location-based services. Retailigence is the fast and easy way for retailers to be visible in the plethora of mobile apps that consumers use, when they are in that "buying mood." Retailigence works with some of the largest and most respected retailers and brands: Best Buy, Nordstrom, Tommy Bahama, Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn, and more.

  • Business networking


    eFactor, the world's largest entrepreneurial community, provides resources that every small business owner needs: knowledge, funding, and tools for gaining revenue and saving cost. At eFactor, entrepreneurs exchange ideas with experts, receive exclusive discounts on business tools, interact with potential partners or clients, and discover funding for their startups. With close to a million users in 168 countries, eFactor offers a unique mix of online and offline events.