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Visibility Reporting

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UBL Visibility Chart

We’re deeply connected to the network of online business listings. Now you can get connected too. Our Visibility Reporting service helps you track your presence across the internet.

Our Visibility Reports gather and analyze your online business listings. We find as many citations (mentions of your contact information) as we can for your business on directory sites, social sites, local sites, and more, and provide links to your citations as well as ratings showing the relative importance of each site. You get one Visibility Report upon purchase of a qualifying UBL package, with a followup report four months later. Though they also reflect other changes, followup reports show how your online presence has grown with UBL. Customers who renew with UBL will receive one additional Visibility Report.

The Enterprise Visibility Report is used by multi-location businesses and their representatives. Each business location receives a Visibility Report as described above, and we offer valuable metrics on overall business listing prominence and change over time. Track which sites are giving your enterprise the biggest lift and which need your attention.

UBL Visibility Report

Citation Rank 70 99 90 92 79 88 89 83 77 80 75 62 80 55 38 88 71 80

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