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How to Submit Listings

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We Make It Easy for Our Resellers

UBL Submission

Our flexible submission options make it easy for resellers to send listing content to UBL.

Online Entry Form

You can enter listing information one business at a time by filling out our online profile form. Login to your account and click Add New Listing. Fill out the required fields and all additional fields that apply to your business, and check out at the end of submission. For your convenience, you may save your information at any time and return later to complete the process.

Spreadsheet Method (Bulk Upload)

Use our spreadsheet upload method if you need to submit multiple listings at one time. Please note the important instructions about formats and codes included on the second tab of the spreadsheet template.

  1. Download the bulk template file for the appropriate country and open in spreadsheet application. You can download templates for US, Canada, and UK.
  2. Enter business listings in required format (see instructions).
  3. Save as comma-separated value (.csv) file.
  4. Login to your account at, visit the Account Area, and click Bulk Upload at the top of the page.
  5. Click Choose File, navigate to your .csv and upload.
  6. If there are errors with your submission, notification will appear on the screen. If necessary, fix errors and upload file again.
  7. Check the box next to the listings and submit.
  8. Check out and you're done!

Local Capture Tool

The Local Capture Tool lets you establish a sign-up process for UBL services on your public website or for private use by your sales agents. The tool consists of PHP code for creation of a sign-up form, with properly formatted fields and menus. See this online demo. The form can be freely customized to fit your requirements. We help you set up a database connection for storage of listing information submitted through the form, and you may export listings to us using the spreadsheet method above or the Submission API method described in the next section.

You may download the code kit for the Local Capture Tool and download the instructions in PDF format.

Submission API

UBL offers a Submission API for automated submission of business listings from your database environment to ours. This method is ideal for high volume of sign-ups but does require the partner to provide development resources. Get in touch with us at if you would like to explore this solution.